Profil Goo Hara Kara

29 Jan

Name: 구하라 Goo Hara
Nickname: Koala, Honey Hara, GuRa
Position: Vocals
Date of birth: January 13, 1991
Blood Type: ?
Height: 164cm
Weight: 43kg
Favorite Korean gasoo: Fin.K.L
Hobbies/Interests: Dancing
Skills: Dancing and Modeling
Educational Background:
– Attended Kwangjoo Academy of Music (same school with Big Bang’s Seungri – they are good friends)
– Currently attending Dongmyeong Woman’s High School of Industry and Information
Work Experience:
– Modeled for online clothing catalogs
– Auditioned for JYP Entertainments
Biography: As the third-youngest in the Kara, Hara tried for other entertainment as well. He tried to JYP but unfortunately to no avail. It is said that he knew Seung-ri from the Big Bang because they both go to school dances together with Ji-young also. What’s with this thing with BIG BANG ?!!!^^
Extra Information:
◊ Auditioned for SME and JYPE
◊ She is from “Kwangju” the same hometown as Big Bang’s Seungri and Wonder Girls’ Sunmi
◊ Has known Sunmi ever since from a young age
◊ She is very competitive and participated in track & field in Elementry school
◊ Postponed schooling to concentrate on Kara
◊ According to members, she eats the most but does not seem to ever gain weight
◊ Fans call her “Koala” because the pronunciation is very similar to her name
◊ Top 3 idols she’d like to date: 2PM’s Taecyeon & Junho and 2AM’s Jokwon.


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