Actor Kim Moo Yeol leaves Yoon Seung Ah a drunk tweet + acknowledges their relationship

19 Feb

Actors Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah are dating!

It seems that netizens were perhaps busy preparing for Valentine’s Day, for Kim Moo Yeol’s drunk tweet to Yoon Seung Ah went relatively unnoticed… until now.

It turns out Kim Moo Yeol sent a tweet to Yoon Seung Ah on February 12th stating, “I’ve been drinking and the night is getting late. I keep thinking about you, wanting to hear your voice, and pondering about your face. Wanting to call, but afraid that you might be sleeping, I’m sending you a message instead once again“.

He continued, “Meeting someone like you, I feel incomplete, awkward, and insecure. Kim Moo Yeol, who was half, is being made whole by you. Sleep well. I’m rambling on today. I miss you. I should have just written that one phrase instead.”

This sweet message, guaranteed to melt any girl’s heart, seems to have been mistakenly sent as a regular tweet (perhaps due to his intoxicated state), rather than a direct message, which would have made the message view-able by just the two. Realizing his mistake, Kim Moo Yeol soon deleted the tweets, but not before a few had retweeted his message and the news began to spread.

On February 19th, with the news of Kim Moo Yeol’s tweets spreading like wildfire, the two had to acknowledge that they were indeed in the early stages of a relationship.

Kim Moo Yeol’s agency stated, “It is true that he and Yoon Seung Ah are enjoying getting to know each other. They began [dating] with mutual affections.”

Yoon Seung Ah’s agency confirmed, “The two met back in November of last year through mutual friends. Afterwards, Kim Moo Yeol approached her with his affections, and Yoon Seung Ah also regarded him in a similar manner… Their relationship seems to have progressed as of recently. They are currently getting to know each other carefully with mutual affections. They don’t meet very often, but they talk on the phone frequently.”

Netizens, upon seeing his tweet, responded, “How can anyone be so romantic even after drinking?“, “I think Kim Moo Yeol and Yoon Seung Ah look good together“, and “I hope it works out.

In related news, Kim Moo Yeol is currently in the midst of filming for his new movie, while Yoon Seung Ah is keeping busy with ‘Moon That Embraces The Sun‘.


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