LEDApple reveals a video celebrating their 500th day

19 Feb

Since the release of their digital single “Dash” in October 2010, LEDApple has made their mark as a hot, young, and rising indie-style idol rock band.  Since their debut, there has been a few member changes, luckily that has not prevented their stable rise in popularity.

On February 18th, LEDapple revealed that it’s already been 500 days since their debut.

They wrote on their me2day, “(Please) Congratulate LEDapple on our 500 day anniversary (^.^) You’ll stay with us till our 5,000 day and (even our) 50,000 day right? If LEDA fans say they will, we will too (^.~)“.

LEDApple also simultaneously released a video thanking LEDA fans and celebrating their anniversary.

In the video Hanbyul replied, “Even though (there were some member changes and) we didn’t continue with our first members, from now on, we’ll actively perform for 5 years, 50 years, 5,000 years, so please root for us“.

Kyumin jokingly warned, “Please like (and support) us to the end, if you change I’ll come after you, even to hell“.

You can watch their cute video !


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