Se7en reveals backstage photos with J.Y. Park

19 Feb

Fans buzzed in approval after hearing news that Se7en and J.Y. Park will collaborate for tonight’s upcoming ‘Inkigayo‘ performance of “When I Can’t Sing“, Se7en continued to tease fans as he showed a few photos from the pre-recording.

He first retweeted the photo above and added, “YeazzzzziiiiiirrrrrrR!!!!!” to J.Y. Park’s original tweet, “Today 4pm Men in white!!”. The photo showed Se7en and J.Y. Park looking cool and chic in white suits, posing with ‘V’ signs and relaxing backstage.

The two add their individual style with J.Y. Park donning a simple white T-shirt and black dress shoes to complete his look.  Whereas Se7en goes more formal with a white dress shirt and tie, but keep things youthful in what looks like Pierre Hardy‘s Leather Side-Zip Sneakers.

Se7en then showed off a more humorous side by posing cutely and making various facial expressions for the camera.

Meanwhile, “When I Can’t Sing” has been sweeping music charts, even winning first place on M! Countdown on Thursday.

Stay tuned to allkpop for their collaboration performance! Anyone else excited for the men in white?


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