MBLAQ parodies ‘Secret Garden’ + plays the Pepero game during fan meeting

20 Feb

On February 19th, idol group MBLAQ held a special ‘Hello My A+‘ fan meeting at Yonsei University, where they were greeted by an auditorium packed with 1,500 screaming fans.

MBLAQ began with a charismatic performance of their 4th mini album’s title track, “It’s War“, before revealing blooper clips from their MV.

During the game corner, the members decided to reenact the popular ‘sit-up’ scene from SBS’s drama ‘Secret Garden‘ (originally done by Ha Ji Won and Hyun Bin).

Afterwards, they played the ‘Pepero game’ where members had to couple up and play ‘chicken’ to see who would bite off the cookie first to get away. When it was Seungho and Thunder‘s turn, Mir jokingly knocked their heads together, causing their lips to touch.

As they thanked A+ fans for all their love and support, MBLAQ concluded with performances of “Cry“, “You’re my +“, “Y” and their debut track, “Oh Yeah“.

You can check out clips of the ‘Secret Garden’ 


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