14 year old Jung Hyun Ho receives 10 million Won on ‘Hello’

24 Feb

On the February 20th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Hello‘, 14 year old Jung Hyun Ho received 10 million Won (around $8,880), as prize money for securing the number one spot for five consecutive weeks.

Jung Hyun Ho, who guest-featured on the January 23rd episode, shared some of his hardships of having to take care of his five younger siblings. After the episode aired, he suddenly rose to fame for his adorable looks, and has even been receiving ‘love calls’ from well known agencies such as SM Entertainment.

After receiving the prize money, Hyun Ho revealed, “After I went on television, my mom has been taking care of the siblings more often now so my life has become a little easier. I’d like to thank everyone who considered my hardship as a concern.” (‘Hello’ features various guests who apply for the show with various concerns or worries they have, and the audience votes on whether the guest’s situation is something worth agonizing or worrying over).

Other guests that featured on the February 20th episode were a husband who’s addicted to exercising, a 2PM Wooyoung mom-fan, and a quick-tempered boyfriend. However, none of them were able to surpass Hyun Ho’s 121 votes to grab the number one spot.


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