B2ST spotted looking like average college students in Apgujeong

24 Feb

The B2ST members were caught having lunch outside a restaurant in Seoul. Different from their charismatic personas on stage, B2ST looked like your average Korean college students. They each displayed a different taste in fashion and they looked easygoing and carefree during their outing.

It was earlier in the month, around February 6th when the six boys were walking out of a noodle restaurant in Apgujeong, one after the other. Their rowdy, clamorous behavior caused a Dispatchreporter to look over again, and realize it was none other than B2ST.

Maybe it was due to a satisfying hot meal, but the boys looked happy upon walking out. Yoon Doojoon had a piece of candy in his mouth, and Kikwang was tapping his distended stomach.

It was like watching an episode of a sitcom, especially seeing the way the boys joked with one another. They all walked out of the restaurant and immediately became engrossed in their conversation. The boys always faced one another when holding a conversation, and burst into laughter throughout their discussion. It was obvious that the boys were extremely close off camera as well.

They did not concern themselves with being seen in public, but like the gentlemen they are, they politely greeted the fans that recognized who they were. Undoubtedly one of the reasons why the fans love B2ST.

Their everyday looks were extremely casual. Though they were all dressed in simple shirts, jeans, and jackets, each member had his own style and this was obvious upon first glance.

The two that especially stood out were Doojoon and Kikwang who both wore matching wool hats to give their ‘formal’ outfit a more casual touch.

The boys are busy with their World Tour, most recently holding a show in Germany. Word has it that they are also working on their next album.  Anxious fans are ready to see them on stage again.


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