K.Will to have first nationwide tour since debut!

24 Feb

Vocalist K.Will has been meeting his fans through solo concerts since 2009. Now he will have his first nationwide tour since his debut! Apparently the star has sold out all of his concerts so far so they’ve decided to provide access to more fans this year.

K.Will is currently receiving a lot of love on music charts with his single “I Need You“. He’s also been praised for his performances on ‘Immortal Song 2‘ cementing his status as not just a singer, but a vocalist who can move people when performing live.

The schedule for K.Will’s first nationwide tour in South Korea ‘I Need You’ is provided below:

  • March 24th (SAT) at 6PM KST in Pusan, KBS Hall
  • March 31st (SAT) at 6PM KST in Daegu, Young-nam University, Chunma Art Center Grand Hall
  • April 7th (SAT) at 6PM in Daejun Chungnam-dae, Jung Shim Hwa Hall
  • April 21st (SAT) at 6PM in Seoul, Olympic Stadium, Olympic Hall

 Good luck to those getting tickets, as there is sure to be an intense battle for good seats.


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