Se7en and Park Bom to collaborate for this week’s ‘Inkigayo’

24 Feb

It seems Se7en has another special performance planned for his fans.  It has just been reported that he will be collaborating with 2NE1‘s power vocalist, Park Bom, for his upcoming ’Inkigayo‘ performance!

If you remember, the singer collaborated with J.Y. Park to put on a spectacular performance on the February 19th episode of ‘Inkigayo’, receiving much positive feedback from the audience.

To follow up, he’ll be teaming up with fellow labelmate of the same age, Park Bom. Fans are already anticipating the collaboration to see how Se7en’s melodic voice will meld with Park Bom[‘s powerful vocals.

Reportedly, this had been in the making since the collaboration with J.Y. Park. While discussing Se7en’s stage, J.Y. Park and Yang Hyun Suk had thought of the idea as they recalled an occasion in which Se7en and Park Bom discussed doing a duet.

YG Entertainment stated, “Se7en’s ‘When I Can’t Sing‘ is a song that Park Bom liked instantly upon hearing it for the first time… Although she’s currently busy with preparations for 2NE1′s Japanese album and music video that will be released in March, she has been practicing whenever she could to prepare for this performance.”

Catch their performance on February 26th’s ‘Inkigayo’!


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