2PM wraps up successful concert in Nanjing!

27 Feb

2PM has wrapped up a successful concert in Nanjing.

On February 25th, 2PM put on an electrifying show at the Nanjing leg of their first Asian tour. Dubbed the ‘Hands Up Asia Tour‘, this long anticipated tour has seen the group perform in Taiwan, Jakarta, Singapore, Bangkok, Nanjing and Hong Kong. It has received explosive response from their fans as all seats for each performance sold out for a total of 52,000 tickets sold.

At the Nanjing show, a total of 9,000 fans flocked to see the boys perform. The concert promoter was quoted as saying, “The local fans have eagerly awaited 2PM’s performance. Everyone was able to feel the energy of the Chinese fans.” As a result of the high level of interest, the group reached #2 on Chinese search engine Weibo‘s real-time trending list. Furthermore, fans used every opportunity to see 2PM by following them from the airport and waiting outside the members’ hotel.

2PM, who recently donated some of the proceeds from their Thai concert towards “Red Cross Thailand”, decided to donate a part of the Nanjing concert proceeds to China’s “Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children” event.

“Change the Tables and Chairs for the Children” allowed 2PM to donate proceeds so that underfunded schools in China could update worn out school furniture for over 200 students.

JYP Entertainment released a statement saying, “We earnestly give thanks to the fans around Asia who have shown great interest and support for 2PM’s first Asian tour. 2PM members are still touched at the love from the fans at the Nanjing performance. We will do out best as we prepare for the last performance in Hong Kong.”

2PM returned to Korea on the 26th after the completion of their Nanjing performance.


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