miss A’s chic transformation continues to impress

27 Feb

miss A‘s long awaited comeback is heating up the small screen and the online communities.

The popular 4-member group, who released their fourth project album “Touch“, has experienced great success as they swept numerous online music charts. The lead single ‘Touch‘, written by Asia’s top producer Park Jin Young, not only dominated the real time charts, but also notched a million clicks onYoutube on its release date.

This comeback has gained mass attention because it represented a departure from miss A’s trademark powerful performance, in favor of a feminine, chic choreography.

Additionally, the group’s outfit has been at the center of attention as their use of the nude-tone elastic bands, dubbed “bandage outfit”, climbed the real time trending search lists. Furthermore, the group’s pure yet sexy white laced dresses, as well as their captivating black laced dresses managed to add to the dramatic transformation. Even their makeup drew heavy interest as their teary, cubic makeup gained attention among fans and netizens alike.

miss A’s company AQ Entertainment released a statement saying, “Thank you for the love that you have given for miss A’s comeback. The members and staff have worked tirelessly on the album in order to meet the high level of interest that was shown. We will do our best for the promotions. We ask for your unending support for miss A, who will continue to upgrade their visuals and performance to become a more mature group.”


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