C-Real is confident about their “Joma Joma” comeback

8 Mar

C-Real is back with “Joma Joma“, and they’ve got a lot on their plate this promotion cycle. They debuted last year, under the direction of composer Shinsadong Tiger, Choi Kap Won, and Kim Do Hoon, with the determination to become more popular than cereal.

Although they succeeded in getting their name out there with “No No No No No“, they’ve come to realize that the public still can’t put a name to a face, especially since most of them are using stage names as well. To generate some change to their image and target audience, “Joma Joma” was produced with specifically the teenage emotions in mind.

The members stated, “Listening to ‘Joma Joma’ reminds us of a scene in the musical ‘Grease’. We paid special attention to our choreography, added a tap dance segment, and even brought in a brass band. Our hair and outfit concepts were tailored for the song, and the lyrics are about love, something that every young girl can relate to.”

The girls are especially confident in their comeback because they claim to have seen a ghost during the album’s production process. If you aren’t familiar, Koreans believe that being met with a spooky or unfortunate accident, especially in the recording room, is an omen for good luck and high sales.

While recording, our engineer kept saying that he could hear someone knocking on the door. We stayed still and no one else was in the recording studio except us. Another time, we had a camera installed in our choreography room that only moves when it detects motion. At night, when there was no one there, it would turn on and move on its own. Someone said that there was a ghost in the room which kind of gave us goosebumps. Still, we’re going to see it in a positive light, and it makes us that much more confident in our album.”

When asked what their biggest concern was, they replied that it was winning on a music program. The competition is fiercer than ever, but the girls can’t help but dream of a goal every singer one day hopes to achieve. They’re in no rush, though, as they hope to gradually get their name out there as much as possible while still running towards the goal.

“When we win #1, our next goal will be to tour Asia, Europe, and then the world. We’ll work hard until then.”


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